Shop 102, 1/F, Marble 33, 33 Marble Road, North Point, HK.


Who We Are

Committed to Making a Difference

Khaki Classroom set out to make a difference in the lives of youth by providing them with all the resources and support they need in order to shape them into artists of tomorrow.



We teach students to become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in art. We teach students to appreciate art as a lifelong interest. We do not limit young children's imagination, so when they get older, they can still dream big.



We care and respect the environment we live in. We use only non-toxic, organic and eco-friendly paints, making sure our young artists paint safely, while our mother earth is well protected.

Our Teachers

Karki Ng

Founder and Art Teacher


Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, University Arts London, BFA and University of Glasgow, MLitt Chinese Art History, Karki is a HK-based artist who is determined to share her love of art to others.


WingYi Ng

Art Teacher


Graduated from RMIT University of Fine Art.

WingYi believes everyone is born creative. She encourages students to keep trying, to make mistakes and to learn from it.




Selina Suen

Art Teacher


Graduated from Arizona State University, BFA Fine Art, High Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Selina believes the most efficient learning takes place through meaningful play. She fills her classroom with opportunities for explorations and risk taking.



畢業於亞利桑那州立大學,並取得藝術文學士學位以及幼兒教育高級文憑。 Selina認為最有效率的學習方式是通過有教育意義的遊戲讓小朋友在互動中學習及體驗新事物。 她將教室變成充滿了探索和冒險機會的地方。


Maisie Chung

Art Teacher


Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, Architecture design major, professional diploma in Fashion design. Maisie applies art into designs and encourage students to think outside the box, unleash their creativity through multi-medium art.

畢業於香港大學主修建築設計專業,並取得時裝設計的專業文憑。 Maisie將藝術和設計融合,鼓勵學生擺脫常規思維,並透過採用不同媒介進行創作來激發他們的創造力。