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Watercolor Painting

2.5 Hours   Adult

Painting Fresh Flowers

In this workshop, you will enjoy a relaxing afternoon capturing the beauty of fresh flowers with paint while enjoying complimentary tea.

You will explore the use of watercolour or oil paint to create a painting of fresh flowers in your unique style.


You will have real fresh flowers to work from in the studio, so we may enjoy the scent and be closer to our inspiration.

All paints we used are certified as organic.

Coral Flowers

1.5 Hours   Adult

Flower Mandala Making

The making of a mandala is a process of balance, healing and calming. Reviewing the underlying meaning of building a particular pattern, you will better understand your unconscious needs and hidden qualities. 

Building a mandala with flowers is a spiritual upliftment, The choice of petals, seeds or leaves has symbolic meanings which reflect the what you are thinking and feeling at the time.


Mandala making is also good for couples who want to understand more about each other and to nourish the love and care in your marriage as your flower mandala pattern grows and transforms.

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