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1 Hour   Age 3-5

Storytelling & Art

For the first 10 minutes of each lesson, students will read a storybook together. They will them create artworks inspired by the story, enhancing artistic expression skills while cultivating the constructive habit of reading.

1.5 Hour/小時   Age年齡 6+

Multi-media art


paint easles

1 Hour   Age 3-5

National Art Exams Preparation​

This course aims to prepare kindergarten children for their primary school application
portfolio. Students will learn practical art skills to fulfil the requirements of the National Art
Examination awarded by HKEAA. We are running this course in our studio at North Point,

as well as at YWCA in Mid-Levels. 

Level 1: Practice colouring in the given line drawing samples.
Level 2: Practice colouring. Focus on colour combination. Add simple decoration to background.
Level 3: Advance of Level 2


Please enrol for the preparation class for at least 12-16 weeks to allow sufficient practice for
Enlightenment Level 1, 2 or 3 exam. Exams are held twice each year in March and August.
Teacher can advise the parents when the students are ready to appear for the exam. Parents
have to book and pay for the exam directly with HKEAA.

Visit the HKEAA website for more details.

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